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Coskel is a forgotten Caribbean slang that is defined as “an outlandish taste in clothing or style”. Back in the day, it would have been common to hear your grandmother say “How you looking Coskel so?” to describe your attempt to match a green top with purple pants. Ofcourse back then there wasn’t a true appreciation for individual style as it is today, so someone whom your grandmother would have described as “Coskel” would actually be quite trendy today.

Coskel Clothing has sought to resurrect this word and its precise description of Caribbean style and fashion. This journey started way back in 2009 when a group of friends started a T-shirt line called Sniani Apparel Elevation. Since then it has grown and rebranded into what it is now – Coskel Clothing.

With this new brand, Coskel Clothing is expressing the Caribbean’s culture and lifestyle through fashion. Coskel Clothing by remaining true to the definition, challenges what is considered norm and give individuals the opportunity to proudly express their unique style. And its logo perfectly illustrates this by contrasting the plain half of the “C’s” in its symbol to the colorful and random other half. You don’t have to guess which half represents Coskel people.

Coskel Clothing creatively utilizes local slang and imagery to tell stories through fashion. Its designs features many relatable themes exclusive to the Caribbean including Music (Soca, Reggae), History, Folklore, Trending National Topics, etc. Coskel = Caribbean Culture!

Coskel Clothing Logo
Urban Fashion

Our clothing can be described as Caribbean Urban Streetwear.

Caribbean Flair

Our designs are heavily inspired by the various cultures of the Caribbean islands.

International Appeal

With international partnerships, our designs can be purchased anywhere in the world.


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